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The New FX Reality

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Regulation is rapidly changing. New FX Global Code is in the making, MIFID II around the corner, more complex reporting requirements kicking in, bans on advertisement of FX and CFD products in certain countries. Many of the commonly used marketing and aggressive sales techniques to attract new Clients offering generous Bonus schemes, cash-back rebates used by Brokers are no longer allowed. Retail Brokers will have to adopt and operate in a lower & limited leverage environment, to protect their Clients from negative balances and to manage default risk better. Adding to this, also increasing capital requirements for Market Making … Many of the market participants nowadays will have to re-think about their current operations and business models.

Bold new technology, that embrace transparency and do not compromise best execution and fair  Customer treatment, would be the next trends and drivers in the E-Trading industry.

We offer possibility for IBs, Referrals, Money Managers and Affiliates, to launch a completely new business line and offering, in a matter of only few days, at almost no cost! Differentiation in a highly competitive industry is a key for success. Active Traders using MT4 platform nowadays need new, fast and powerful trading tools to facilitate their trading. Active Traders look to execute across multiple Brokers, to get fills on the best rates and with the best Brokers, to manage and diversify their risk properly.

IBs and Referrals, no longer need to be solely dependent on the platforms and technology offered by their Brokers in order to attract and service Clients. Introducing Brokers can offer a platform under their own brand, connecting and operating with multiple MT4 Brokers. We believe that our technology is adding unique trading functionality and features, helping Clients to execute in a more transparent environment, tracking execution statistics, keeping their Brokers under control and constantly benchmarking them vs. their Competitors. Our platforms also help to increase trading activity from retail traders better controlling devitrifying their risk.

Retail Brokers, can also offer additional innovative new platform to their direct Clients and also to their IBs, and Referrals network, helping them to attract, retain and service direct Customers. In order to attract new Active Traders, IBs and Affiliates, many Brokers now use aggressive marketing techniques  including attractive Bonus schemes, sometimes unrealistic trading conditions, high leverage, generous rebates etc. This is soon coming to an end, as many Regulators have taken actions to limit such behavior and strictly oversee Brokers. Optimized trading systems, best execution, honesty, transparency and fair Customer treatment, would be key drivers going forward, in order to keep happy and active profitable customers. Brokers will have to prove, that they live up to the new best execution standards, and to be challenged and benchmarked by their own Clients vs. Competitors.

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