FXBBO Platform Features

Trade on Multiple Brokers

FXBBO is a central easy to use forex trading software, where multiple Broker accounts and feeds can be managed simultaneously. It is fully compatible with MT4 Client Terminals (DEMO or LIVE), where Traders can monitor and execute their trades on an aggregated basis with multiple Brokers, on the best obtained Bid or Offer rates, or to trade with their preferred single Brokers.

Feed Aggregator

FXBBO is a forex trading platform that allows to get the Best Bid and Offer rates from multiple brokers, to aggregate the feeds into a single BBO stack,  and  ensures that Traders always get & trade on the best spreads with their Brokers.

Indicator Narrowest spread

Traders can try multiple Brokers and choose the best, who deliver best liquidity and quality execution. Our mission is to give the freedom to the Traders, to try on their own, explore and learn more about their Brokers, make the right choices, and further control their Brokers. FXBBO is a disruptive.

No Latency

FXBBO interacts with MT4 Clients via Expert Advisors in a very sophisticated way resulting in almost no latency.

Detailed reporting

Detailed transactions history and easy to export in excel features, gives stats on various parameters to track Open and Close transactions, including all Order Type (Stops, Limits, Stop Loss and Take Profit).

Slippage Tracking

Traders can track and have clear visibility on how their Brokers are performing against each other, when it comes in  filling your trades and orders. Tracking slippage, execution speed, spreads and feeds quality, makes it easy to be in control of the  Brokers, making sure  they indeed provide with fair and best execution terms.

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Why did we create FXBBO platform

Because it adds VALUE for the Retail FX Traders!

FXBBO tries to reduce the spreads and costs for trading for Traders, adds value in their trading, helps them receive the Best Offers of their Brokers.

FXBBO forces Brokers to compete, for the flow of Traders, by striving to provide constant quality execution, aggressive spreads, and good liquidity.

FXBBO tries to close the gap, between Retail Traders, Institutional players and Investors.

FXBBO helps FX Retail Traders to control their Brokers.

Gain the control over your Brokers - Not the other way around!


What is the latency between FXBBO and MT4 when running on my PC?

It is extremely low about 5 milliseconds (0,005 seconds).

Are you a Broker, do I have to open account with you?

No, we are not a Broker, and we cannot open a trading account for you. We are a technology provider, that has built and maintain the FXBBO platform. You still have to open your trading account with your Broker(s). With FXBBO you simply link your account(s) and can trade on these via the FXBBO platform

Can I use FXBBO platform, without connecting it to my MT4 account(s) ?

Yes, you can, since the platform is installed 100% locally on your computer only and act as your personal aggregator and smart order-routing system. Since it is designed to communicate and link your accounts and process price feeds in real-time though, it will only work when you link it to your MT4 account.

My Broker do not allow any EA trading in MT4. Can I still use FXBBO platform?

Currently FXBBO platform will only work if Brokers that allow EA trading via MT4. Ask your Brokers why are they restricting you from EA trading?

Can I have a free Demo to FXBBO platform?

Yes! Request your FREE Demo license now! It is fully functional and could be used for both Demo or LIVE MT4 accounts.

Where is my FXBBO platform Client ID?

Your unique Client ID could be found inside the FXBBO platform: Tools -> Configuration -> License

Is there a detailed Guide on How to use and link the FXBBO plaform to my MT4 account?

Yes, once you download and install the platform use the step-by-step guide in the Help section.